Great trip to Gold Coast Australia

Great trip to Gold Coast Australia


Though beaches in the Gold Coast of Australia are a major attraction there are many other things to see and do there that will make your trip to the Gold Coast in Australia truly memorable. Everyone knows of Surfers Paradise but there is more that you should explore and discover. The best time to visit this part of Australia is when the weather conditions are perfect, which is all through the year. Here is a brief look at what you can expect on your trip to the Gold Coast in Australia.


Gold Coast has been around since prehistoric times. Aborigines made it their home for tens of thousands of years though Europeans only discovered it in the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century they began to settle this area and in the middle of the twentieth century (1959) the city was formally proclaimed.


There are so many attractions in the Gold Coast that you would be hard pressed to see them all in a single visit. From natural attractions that include tree top walkways, to Tambourine Rainforest skywalk to Numinbah Section Springbrook National Park there is much to see. For those who want to experience adventure and thrills there are many amusement and theme parks including

Dreamworld, Holoverse and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Not to be missed is Warner Bros. Movie World while Australia’s Sea World is another attraction that is worth checking out in more detail.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the largest rainforest aviary in Australia and is certainly worth a visit. There are amply opportunities for you to feed rainbow lorikeets. You can also try your hand at feeding kangaroos or take a photograph with a Koala bear or even a crocodile.

Beautiful beaches

The Gold Coast gets plenty of visitors each year and most of these visitors love the beautiful beaches in this part of Australia. Broadbeach is a case in point. It lies towards the northern part of the Gold Coast and offers much to those who want to shop, eat or swim. The only trouble is that there are too many low and high rise buildings that spoil the natural beauty of this beach.

Surfers Paradise Beach

This is the most well-known beach on the Gold Coast but it does get way too crowded throughout the year. However, it does lie close to many attractions as well as theme parks. There is also plenty of nightlife and entertainment available close to this beach. Surfers Paradise Beach lies just 100 meters walking distance from many restaurants and shopping outlets.


Fruit World

This exciting attraction is located a mere ten minutes from Gold Coast airport and ten minutes from the beaches. Be sure to check out the Miracle Fruit Show as it gives you a once in a lifetime chance to taste the most delicious fruits from around the world.


Glow Worm tour

Thinking about taking in rainforests? Then make sure that you check out the Glow Worm tour. The only trouble was that after all the hype about the lovely Glow worm caves the experience was not as exciting as it was made out to be.


Marriott’s Surfers Paradise

A better option would be to stay at the Marriott’s Surfers Paradise. This premier hotel offers all the comforts while also being just three minute’s walk from the beach. The resort features a private saltwater lagoon and the best beaches as well as a manmade reef that has lots of tropical fish in it.


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